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Nutritional therapy

Trying to get to the bottom of why you feel this way? Tired of chasing symptoms? Know there is something that just.isn’t.right but all of your tests are coming out “normal'“? Perhaps you have a diagnosed condition (e.g.: IBS, Type II Diabetes, hormone imbalance) and you’re looking for a holistic approach that supports healing and restores balance naturally. Nutritional Therapy offers a way to address the root causes and complement your efforts. The process includes a detailed history and in-depth questionnaire, a thorough look at your case, Functional Evaluation, Lingual Neural Testing, comprehensive feedback based off of analysis/research that has been personalized to your unique bio-individuality and the support necessary to help you be successful. This is also an opportunity for education and discovery, empowering you with the tools you need to make a lasting, positive impact on your future.

Hourly rates apply. Packages available with certain requirements.

nutritional wellness coaching

Need a little help making sense of your nutritional goals? Maybe you are already proactive through diet and lifestyle but just need to touch base with someone who can give feedback from a functional perspective. Or, you might be considering Nutritional Therapy but just aren’t ready to commit to the process until you have a better understanding of how it can apply to you. This service also provides an opportunity to keep on track post Nutritional Therapy. Regardless of the reason, Nutritional Wellness Coaching is an excellent way to check-in with your favorite certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (that’s me) who can review where you are and offer direction. Appointments offered starting in half hour increments. In person and virtual meetings available.

Grocery store tours

You’ll learn strategies that will help you make educated decisions when grocery shopping. We’ll go isle by isle, understanding what common terms like “GMO” and “Gluten Free” mean, how to decipher - often confusing - label information, identify product options that suit your specific dietary needs and tips for fast but nutritious meals.  An additional travel fee may apply if the grocery store is not one of the preferred locations. Individual and group tours available.

Hourly rates apply. Packages available with certain requirements.


We’ll look through your cupboards/fridge/freezer/food reserves and discern what is healthy and ways to substitute with nutritious and delicious options. Tips to organize your spaces will help bring peace into your pantry and make meal planning and prep easier. This pairs well with a Grocery Store Tour.

Hourly rates apply. Packages available with certain requirements.

Cooking 101

New to the kitchen? Have a hankering for a new approach to food prep? Want to spice up your mealtime with new foods or flavors but aren’t sure how? Maybe you’re a seasoned veteran but a new diagnosis is imposing a dietary restriction that is taking you out of your comfort zone and it feels like you’re starting from scratch. Schedule some training time to empower you to prepare healthy meals - whether it’s instruction as basic as how to boil water to overhauling your current strategies or diving in to more intricate tips and tricks for things like substituting forbidden fruits with tasty alternatives. This pairs well with the Grocery Store Tour and Pantry Makeover services.

Hourly rates apply. Packages available with certain requirements.

in the works…

The below categories are ever developing and growing. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more or if you would like to participate.

Community Outreach - A collaborative effort with a variety of providers to offer support and resources to those who may not be in a position to afford functional, holistic and preventative care services.

Group Nutritional Therapy - Nutritional Therapy Services for groups. Excellent for small business or corporate wellness initiatives.

Workshops - Presentations that cover a specific topic, sometimes done in a series. Check with us to see what subject we have material for that will fit the theme of your organization’s event.

Events - Contact us to see where we are next!

hours of operation

Traditional business hours apply for administrative tasks and day-to-day operations. All services provided and meetings with clients are scheduled in advance and are by appointment only. Any emails, messages or correspondence received outside of the course of a normal work day will not be addressed until the following business day. Special Events will most often take place after office hours. Check with your favorite NTP (that’s me) if you have any questions.


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