About "Chewin’ the Fat" articles…

As you come to know my writing style for “Chewin’ the Fat”, you will probably notice that I don’t spend a lot of time going into detail or giving extensive background regarding a particular subject.  I also don’t invest much effort into styling food for pictures or finding the perfect illustration.  This is because I want to get to the meat of the matter. 

For most, the framework alone is enough to satisfy the appetite; knowing all the ins and outs is icing on the cake – a dessert most people don’t have time for.  The assumption is that the content is based off of education, experience, science, data, research and/or a well-formed opinion.  All of the other stuff, while it often times provides helpful context, is extra material most of my clients don’t have the time to read.  They don’t care so much about the backstory, they just want the bottom line. You know how the old saying goes, “just cut to the chase”?

For those who want to dig a little deeper or run down that intriguing rabbit hole, I often use hyper-links to get you started so you can explore on your own the “why?”,  “how?” and, in some cases, recommendations.  Since the interwebs is full of all kinds of resources that are simply a click away, it makes no sense to me to reinvent the wheel.


Ultimately, my goal is to distill a subject down to takeaways that encourage dialogue, empower and inspire you - not produce lengthy articles that pontificate about science and my philosophy, give you a history lesson or impress you with the exuberance of my verbosity.  I’ll be happy to talk your ear off at another time.

And, yes, you are correct. I do in fact like puns!




Marie Stumphauzer